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Equity Program

North Prairie Equity Program is designed to assist rental tenants in becoming first time homeowners. You can build home equity by simply renting a North Prairie Home!

How does the Equity Program work?
Well we are glad you asked!  Once you secure your lease with North Prairie Rentals, 15% of your monthly rental payment is placed in your own North Prairie Equity Program Credit Account.  All you need to do is sit back and watch it grow.  This credit will then be put towards the purchase of your new North Prairie home or condo, to a maximum of 3% of the value of the home.

Sounds simple and it is!
Let’s say your rent is $1,275 a month. Each month $191 will go into your North Prairie Equity Program Credit Account. After four years, you will have $9000 in that account. Now that is exciting! You’ll be picking out new furniture for your new North Prairie Home before you know it!

We understand that homeownership is a big step so we’ve designed this program to lend a helping hand. When your tenancy is over, you will receive a North Prairie Equity Program Statement showing your accrued savings. Take your time picking out that perfect North Prairie home because your credit will be there waiting for you for up to 24 months after your tenancy ends.

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