Referral Program - North Prairie Rentals

Referral Program

North Prairie Referral Program is designed to reward our

valued homeowners and rental tennants. We believe

strongly in The Spirit of Community!

Earn up to $500 cash

North Prairie believes strongly in ``The Spirit of Community`` where family helps family, friends help friends and neighbours help neighbours. It is in this spirit that we encourage you to refer someone to North Prairie Rentals.

How it works:

1st referral $100
2nd referral $200
3rd referral $500

You' re Hired!

The Spirit of
Pass Along
Referral Program Registration
Please fill out and submit the form below or print the form and email it to Once the lease is finalized, we will contact you to pick up your referral gift.* Please note a referral card must be sent prior to the lease agreement being signed.

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